Many years ago as a newly promoted Shodan I expected to experience some type of mystical change in my abilities. I expected to transform into an indistructable, super human power fist, but nothing happened, I was the same old Randy. Two years later I was awarded my Nidan, and again no change. I needed to find out what was happening or should I say, not happening.
I started bouncing, doing bodyguard work, and bounty hunting. I pretty much did anything that would get me into a fight. I took that time to evaluate my techniques and decide what was worth keeping in my arsenal and what wasn't worth holding on to. Thinking back I realize that it wasn't that the techniques didn't work, it was the fact that I didn't understand the techniques.
These days I research classical karate and have begun to understand the essence. I have spent the past three years researching in-depth the inner-workings (ura) of classical karate. My discoveries are controversial to those who are only versed in the surface (omote) workings of technique. I have discovered that each technique is an end in it'self.
Classical Karate has endless depth.
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