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My story is much like the story’s comic books are made of. I endeavored to study the “Martial Arts” as a youth and sought to find the system that best fit my desires and needs. After experiencing a few dojo’s, association’s and instructors, I finally settled into the KUDO KAI.

The KUDO KAI is an umbrella organization which houses a couple different expressions of the system of karate, a style of the system of Aiki-Jutsu, Noriyasu Kudo Sensei’s expression of the system of Judo, and a few expressions of Okinawan weapon arts under one roof.

I chose to study the system of karate because of the power I witnessed karate practitioners to have, and studied under William Mark Whitley Sensei in his family art of Taikido Karate. I also studied Sui Shin Ryu Karate under Noriyasu Kudo himself.

There was always this burning question floating around the KUDO KAI; “what would happen if we took one person and trained him in everything that we offer,” well, I became that experiment and was blessed to have been chosen to study AIKI-JUTSU under Takeshi Okamura Sensei, JUDO under Noriyasu Kudo Sensei, in addition to the Karate I studied.

I also now study 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu under Pat Campagnola Sensei, owner/operator (MOON-HEAD) of 10th Planet Springfield Ma. located at 270 Main Street Agawam Ma.

With 45+ years researching with and training under both the KUDO KAI and 10th Planet Association I now disseminate the lessons I’ve learned through a curriculum I call the UNDERGROUND ALLIANCE (UA) METHOD to a select group within my private dojo located in Springfield Massachusetts.

~Randy B. Haskins~

Author of:

•INSIGHT 101, The Way of Big Power (2012)


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