1. Karate is a complete form of unarmed combat that allows practitioners to address any possible conceivable situation. True study of the art will reveal an unlimited resource for self protection. Joint manipulation, strikes, muscle/tendon disruption, pressure point application, throws, and grappling maneuvers are addressed within the kata of karate. Each maneuver is designed to be an end in itself.

2. Aiki JuJutsu is a mid range standing art created so an unarmed combatant may defend himself/herself against an armed opponent.

3. Judo also utilizes Kuzushi Waza in order to move into the right body position (tai sabaki) to throw the opponent. Ground skill is a vital part of Judo, with our knowledge of joints and pressure points introduced in our Aiki JuJutsu training we have a greater opportunity on the ground.

4. Kobudo is the study of ancient weapons. Within the UNDERGROUND ALLIANCE MARTIAL SCIENCE RESEARCH ASSOCIATION HOMBU DOJO we study the sword, which helps us to understand the essence of many other weapons such as the Sai, Tonfa, Bo, Jo and Tanbo.

My study of Aiki Jujutsu and Judo helped me to discover that there is nothing new under the sun. Karate, Judo and Aiki Jujutsu are one in the same.

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