Master Willie M.Whitley Jr.
Master Whitley founded the Taikido Karate Kai® in the early 1960's. For over 30 years Master Whitley had studied the arts of karate, gung fu and judo and incorperated some of the best theories, concepts and techniques from each system. The result is a universal, versitile style that is an effective form of self-defense and recognized as a way of life.
The following exerpt was written by the Master himself, read and enjoy.
TAIKIDO is as much mind as it is body. Concentration is an indispensable and integral part of TAIKIDO training. Each movement is designed for a purpose - to dodge or block an attack and ready for a counter - attack. The effectiveness of the TAIKIDO system depends opon split - second timing and reflexive action, which are achieved only through repetitions practice. TAKIDO is an art, but more than that, a constructive way to aquire confidence; not only in facing an adversary but also in meeting life's challenges and problems. TAIKIDO if practiced diligently and constructively, can be a vehichle toward a keen mind, healthy body and positive attitude.
Master Whitley