Here are comments taken off of anonymous surveys that are handed out after seminars and semesters taught by Randy B. Haskins Sensei.

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Very professional. Always respectful and asked if we were ok learning the techniques. Always tried to make sure we were comfortable.
I gained a lot in this course, not only in skill level, but also in my confidence in my ability to defend myself.
Yes, one aspect I liked very much about the class was the respect the instructor showed towards his students.
Self-defense (protection) was a challenging class that trains not only your body but your mind.
Yes he was very professional because this course involves body contact he always asked if we were comfortable working with him.
Randy Haskins, Dave Barton and Mark Rickson did an excellent job making the class interesting yet effective. They not only taught me the physical part or self-defense, but what the meaning of self-defense truely is.
The instructor was very professional. The jokes that were made helped loosen the room up and make the residents feel more comfortable.
Randy Haskins is an amazing instructor and I have learned techniques and lessons in his class that I will use and practice for a lifetime.
Yes he came to class prepared and knew what he was talking about.
This class has been a amazing experience for me- it has helped me to gain confidence in myself and my abilities to protect myself in a number of different situations.
Yes. We were told how it is and nothing was sugar-coated which is important in a course like this.
The class was a great wake up call to reality. I liked the fact that the stories told were not sugar-coated, it shows just what the world could be like. It also gave me more self-confidence and made me feel safer w/in myself.
Yes because he helped us really learn the moves. He never touched someone who didn't want to be touched.
Awesome, exciting and exhilirating! Caring enviorment learning things you will actually use!
The instructor was professinal in his own way. This course helped us see real life situations.
Taking this class will help prevent future events & prepare someone for the unexpected.
Yes. Haskins Sensei teaches with authority & professionalism, and has respect from his students. At the same time he is also able to level with us and make the learning enviorment very comfortable and non-stressful.
The instructor has a true passion for his profession and is an excellent teacher. He is extremely dedicated to his trade and demands 100% effort from his students. Students are happy to work for him and try new techniques due to his superior leadership.
Yes, the instructor was professional because he took his job very seriously as well as the content of the art of Karate. He related Karate to everyday situations and the everyday individual. He made it possible for everyone to learn.
I have trained in the past in the more tradional methods of both Shotokan Karate and Taekwondo, yet I feel that the time I had dedicated towards these arts don't add up when it comes down to real-life self-defense tactics and understandings. Sensei Haskins provides a more modern and efficient style of the martial arts, one that can be implemented in any scenario or situation, regardless of one's own physical size or strength. He is a true martial artist, and unlike others I am impressed at his dedication towards the martial arts as a lifestyle and not a hobby or mere exercise.
He handled himself in a professional manner and yet he was approachable and taught the lessons with a touch of reality and humor.
Until now I have never felt like I learned something useful in school.
Very professional and able to connect well w/ students on a personal level.
This class was really enjoyable and enlightening. Sensei haskins brings a ton of experience professionalism, and hearing stories about how speecific techniques actually work in fights provide me with motivation to keep learning because I knew what I learned in class could really save my life one day. I never reallized how specific angles and pressure points could change a fight so drastically, regardless of the size of the people in a fight. While I hope I never have to use the techniques I learned in class, it's nice to know I have them at my disposal if need be. Thanks again for a great quarter.
In this class I learned that there can be many "fakes" out there. Randy is definitly not one of them. Although I knew him for a brief amount of time, I believe and trust in the wise things he says.
This class, both fun and entertaining, gave me not only skill, but confidence in protecting myself. It was the best class I've taken in a long time and because of this class, would love to study and further my skill in karate. Thank you.
The instructor was very professional, but still easy to talk to at the same time. He played out the moves slowly for the inexperienced people in the class.
This course was very effective for me and taught me more then I coukld have ever expected to learn in seven weeks. I can only imagine what it will teach to those who train regularly with randy. I would recomend this to anyone who wants to learn about defense in everyday life as well as Karate.

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